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Discontinued Model

Two people standing in fron ot a Contex scanner.

We’re sorry, but your scanner model has been discontinued by Contex, and your requested part is no longer available. Looks like it’s time for a new scanner! Fill this out, or give us a call at 800-938-SCAN (7226)  and we’ll get back to you.

Take a look at these Contex Scanner Specials

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These are many, but not all, of discontinued part names & numbers:

Part Name MFG Part Number
2.7A MiniAngle Step Motor (L=4.7uH) 0080C040R01
Scanning Platen 6665A101R01
Glass Plate, assy. 6873A107R01
End Cover (Left Hand Side) (Dark Grey) 1 6702E017R01
Green Glass Filter, BG18 6665A224R01
85W SMPS, Triple Output 0080A062R01
SCR, Smart Card Reader, assembly 6653D102R01
End Cover (Right Hand Side) 6702A203R01
Halogen Lamp, 12V, 20W 0075D014R01
SCR, Smart Card Reader, Assembly 1 6753A104R01
End Cover (Right Hand Side) 1 6702D258R01
End Cover (Right Hand Side) 2 6702D285R01
IBAA, Inter Connection Board A 5134A001R01
Idler Roller Drive Assy, Left 6863A102R01
Basket Assembly 2205E015R01
Idler Roller Drive Assy, Right 6863A109R01
Bin Full Switch 0007E182R01
Self-Adhesive Friction Pad for Separator 6608A224R01
End Cover (Right Hand Side) (Dark Grey) 1 6702E016R01
Idler Rollers 6829A202R01
Bottom Cover Assy 6802A110R01
Separator Roller 6629A111R01
End Cover (Right Hand Side) (Dark Grey) 2 6702E036R01
Separator Unit 6608A103R01
End Cover, Front Left 5102A204R01
Caps for Cover Fixing Screws 5102A229R01
Service Tool Kit 2898A104
End Cover, Front Left (Dark Grey) 5102A238R01
IMBA, Interface Module 6734D001R01
Shaft with Feed-Rollers, 25″ 6729D126R02
End Cover, Front Right 5102A206R01
Card Reject Tray with Brace 6611D103R01
IMBB, Interface Module 6734D002R01
Shaft with Feed-Rollers, 25″ 1 6729D126R02
End Cover, Front Right (Dark Grey) 5102A240R01
IMCA, Interface Module 6631D001R01
End Cover, Rear Left 5102A205R01
Original Guide Plate II wo Top Profile, 42″ (ATAC) (Dark Grey Inlet Rail) 6729D523R01
Shaft with Feed-Rollers, 42″ 6729D185R02
End Cover, Rear Left (Dark Grey) 5102A239R01
Original Guide Plate II wo Top Profile, 42″ (ATAC), see note 2 6729D566R01
Shaft with Feed-Rollers, 42″ 1 6729D185R02
End Cover, Rear Right 5102A207R01
CBEA Camera Board (with CCD-Sensor and Mounting Plate) 6735D001R01
Original Guide Plate wo Top Profile 42″ (ATAC), see note 2 6729D179R01
Shaft with Feed-Rollers, 54″ 6729D174R02
End Cover, Rear Right (Dark Grey) 5102A241R01
Original Guide Plate wo Top Profile, 42″ (ATAC) 6729D502R01
IMGA, Interface Module, IEEE 1394 and USB 6841A001R01
CBGA, CCD Camera Board (incl. ILX508) 6630D001R01
Original Guide Plate wo Top Profile, 42″ (ATAC) (Dark Grey Inlet Rail) 6729E008R01
IMHA, Interface Module, IEEE 1394 and USB 6746D001R01
Original Guide Plate, complete, 25″ 6729D122R01
SKDA, Operator Panel (Dark Grey) Contex 6733D101R01
Extended Media Thickness Sensor Assy 6864A102R01
Original Guide Plate, complete, 25″ 1 6729D196R01
Extension Spring 6775A252R01
IMMA Interface Module M (USB2.0) 5234A001R01
Original Guide Plate, complete, 25″ (Dark Grey Inlet Rail) 6729E010R01
CBIB Camera Board (with CCD-Sensor and Mounting Plate) 6733E002R01
SKDA, Operator Panel, Red, Contex 6733D101RA1
Fan, Electronics Box 0080C029R01
Original Guide Plate, complete, 40″ 6729D120R01
CBKA Camera Board (with CCD-Sensor and Mounting Plate) 6742D001R01
Fan, Lamp Carriage 0080C038R01
Input and Exit Card-Tray, ACS4600 6608D703R01
Fan, Positive Pressure 0080C039R01
CBKC Camera board (with CCD-Sensor and Mounting Plate) 6742D003R01
Feed Roller 6629A112R01
SKDG, Operator Panel, Red, Contex 6733D007RA2
Feeder-Clutch Assembly, ACS4200, 4600 6629A109R01
Lamp Cartridge Cover 6802A210R01
Original Guide Plate, complete, 54″ (ATAC) (Dark Grey Inlet Rail) 6729E011R01
CBMB Camera Board (with CCD-Sensor and Mounting Plate) 6749D002R01
SKDH, Operator Panel w/o Foil 6733D008R01
Feeder-Solenoid Assembly 6633D115R01
CBMC Camera Board (with CCD-Sensor and Mounting Plate) 6749D003R01
SKFA, Operator Panel (Note: SKFA04 or later for KC67E) 6836A001R01
Lamp Cartridge Cover for 6702D258 6702D276R01
OSBC, Optical Sensor Board 3132A003R01
SKFB, Operator Panel (Note: SKFB04 or later for AB51A) 6836A002R01
Paper Entry Sensor Assy 6864A101R01
Lamp Door 5102A222R01
CIS Unit 5275A001R01
Paper Exit Sensor, assy. 6864A103R01
Lamp Door (Dark Grey) 5102A250R01
SM Calibration Sheet packed, 44″ 5279A002R01
Flex Cable (Lamp Carriage) 5135A108R01
LCAA, Lamp Cartridge 6840A001R01
Connector Cover for 6702D258 6702D277R01
Fluorescent Lamp, L30W/72-965, 900 mm 0075D012R01
PCRA, Punched Card Reader Board 6632A001R01
SM Calibration Sheet, 40″, packed 6799D116
Fluorescent Lamp, L36W/72-965, 1200 mm 0075D013R01
SM Calibration Sheet, 42″, packed 6799D171
Cooling Fan 1 6633D119R01
Fluorescent Lamp, L58W/72-965, 1500 mm 0075D015R01
SM Calibration Sheet, 54″, packed 6799D165
PRC Aperture Plate 6611A209R01
Cover Assy, SD44xx 5202A029R01
Pressure Arm (Assembly) for Scanning Platen 6665A102R01
Stepper Motor Assy 5263A019R01
Lid (wo White Background Platen) (Dark Grey), Contex Badge included 5102A244RA1
Stepper Motor with gear-wheel 6663D101R01
Pressure Platen 6829A103R01
Lid (wo White Background Platen), Contex Badge included 5102A102RA1
Pressure Platen Weights 6899A103R01
Linex DC-HV Inverter 0080A063R01
Pressure Rollers (6 pcs) 5229A031R01
SUCA, Controller Board 6732D001RA1
LMEA, Lamp and Motor Driver Board 6741A001R01
Front-End Cover, ACS4600 6602D102R01
Reject Tray Switch 0007E183R01
Drive Belt (motor), HTD753-3M 6863A211R01
LMFB, Lamp and Motor Driver Board 6834A003R01
Gas Spring, 50N (ATAC) 6729D414R01
LMGA, Lamp and Motor Driver 5130A001R01
SUCD, Controller Board 6732D004RA1
Drive Belt for Feed-Rollers, HTD 564-3M 6363E223R01
RHS Bottom Cover 5202A004R01
LMGB, Lamp and Motor Driver 5130A002R01
SUCE, Scanner Control Board 6732D005R01
Drive Rollers Assy. 6829A201R01
Gear Carriage, Assembly 6629A118R01
Right Card Guide (Exit), ACS4600 6608D101R01
Lower, Left Card Guide (Exit) 6608A115R01
Gear-Solenoid (Dual) Assembly 6633D112R01
Rubber Bushing for Stepper Motor 6629A264R01
Lower, Left Card Guide (Input) 6608A113R01
Eject Roller (Foam Rubber) 6629A101R01
Lower, Right Card Guide (Input) 6608A114R01
Eject Roller (Hard Rubber) 6629A107R01
LSBA, Lamp Sensor Board B 5133A001R01
Safety Interlock Switch 0007E172R01
Elevation Motor type II, ATAC 6736D411R01
Elevation Motor, ATAC, 42″ 6736D173R01
Scanner Storage 0090B074R01
Glass Plate, 40″, packed 6729D105R01
Scanner Storage 1 0090B084R01
SUDA, Controller Board 6732E001R01
End Cover (Left Hand Side) 6702A204R01
SUFD, Controller Board 6748D004RA1
SUFA, Controller Board 6748D001RA1
MSCA, Step Motor Controller 6634D001R01
End Cover (Left Hand Side) 1 6702D259R01
SUFE, Controller Board 6748D005RA1
SUGA, Controller Board 6736E001R01
SUFB, Controller Board 6748D002RA1
SUFC, Controller Board 6748D003RA1
SUHC Controller Board 6750D003R01
SUHD Controller Board 6750D004R01
SUIA Controller Board 5230A001R01
SUIB Controller Board 5230A002R01
SUIC Controller Board 5230A003R01
SUID Controller Board 5230A004R01
Switch Mode Power Supply, Adjusted 0080A058R01
Tacho Disc Assy 6829A106R01
Top Cover Assy 6802A108R01
17″ Touch Screen for ScanStation 0090B080R01
USB Cable, 3 m 0090B051R01
White Background Plate, 25″, packed 6729D806R01
White Background Plate, 40″, packed 6729D803R01
White Background Plate, 42″, packed 1 6729D816R01
Power Supply (SMPS) – 1 0080A074R01
SULA Controller Board 5230D001RA1
SULB Controller Board 5230D002RA1
SULC Controller Board 5230D003RA1
SULD Controller Board 5230D004RA1
SULF Controller Board 5230D006RA1
CIS Unit, 44″ (excl. SUL Controller Board) 5275A038R01
CIS Unit, 24″ (excl. SUL Controller Board) 5275D001R01
Cover Assy, XD24 5202D009R01
Cover Assy, Mx52D 5202D013R01
Adapter for Tube 18×12 (10 pcs.) 2205E032R01
Camera, Ax51A (excl. Lens and CBx board) 2898A110
Camera, Fixed, 600dpi (excl. Lens and CBx board) 2898A113
Camera, Adj., 600dpi (excl. Lens, CBx board and Motor) 2898A114
Camera, Fixed, 400/424dpi (excl. Lens and CBx board) 2898A115
Camera, Adj., 400/424dpi (excl. Lens, CBx board and Motor) 2898A116
Fluorescent Lamp, TLD 58W/950, 1500 mm 0075D010R01
50″ Glass Plate, packed 6729A137R01
Fluorescent Lamp, TLD95, 1200 mm 0075D009R01
Fluorescent Lamp, TLD 38/33 0075D003R01
White Background Plate, 36″, packed 6399E123R01
Glass Plate, 36″ 6329A226R01
Nextimage TOUCH 9691A075
Nextimage MFP to Repro Upgrade 9691A089
Nextimage SCAN+COPY for XD2490 only 9691A073
Nextimage TOUCH for XD2490 9691A079
Wiseimage 130-0011
Wiseimage Pro 130-1011
WiseImage – Annual Software Upgrade Subscription agreement and renewal 130-0011-SSA
EDA – Electronic Doucment Indexing and Archiving software 700-1000
EDA – Annual Software Upgrade Subscription agreement and renewal 700-1000-SSA
1 Year On-Site Warranty Extension by DecisionOne (For XD Scanners Only) 2898A122XD
Entry Hopper Torsion Spring 6608A257
Vectory R2V – Automatic Raster to Vector 800-1020
Stepper Motor Assy. – 2 5398A003
OGP (ATAC) wo Top Profile, 42″ (RA67G) 6798G010
Optical Adjustment Pattern, 5C42 (Rx67G) 6798G022
Customer Care Kit – Ultra 2898A171
SURB Controller Board 2898A179
CIS Unit, 24″ (excl. SUL Controller Board)-1 5275D001R01
Optointerrupter 0075A050R01
Pressure Rollers (3 pcs) 5229A031R02
Oil damper for CIS Bridge 2898A183
CIS Unit, 24″ (excl. SUR Main Board) 2898A181
SURA Controller Board 2898A178
CIS Unit, 44″ (excl. SUR Main Board) 2898A180
WIDEimage Scan Software 9691A001
Field upgrade for SD3600 scanner to 1200 dpi 5399A508
Hinge Assembly (2 pcs.) 5102A107R01
Nextimage 4 and Earlier Scan+Archive Software License 9691A601
Nextimage 4 and Earlier REPRO License 9691A602
Stepper Motor, TS3690N109 2898D101
Pressure Rollers (IQQ)(3 pcs.) 2852D106
ISIS Driver 9691A244
Nextimage 5 REPRO License 9691A609
Nextimage 5 Scan+Archive Software License 9691A608
Nextimage 5 Scan+Archive to Repro Upgrade License 9691A610